** Vampire Series **

feat. Kyrie (#008)

Kyrie is the human follower (with black hair) who can transform into vampire (with red hair) on her own. In a combat, when her health or that of player decrease below half, she transform into vampire with visual effects. After a combat, she revert back to human automatically.

[ The Difference between Human and Vampire State ]

In human state, She is not so strong and does not have remarkable skills and combat style. However, in vampire state, her appearance and combat style are changed and she becomes very strong as compared to human state.

[ The Feature of a Combat in Vampire State ]

Her combat style is switched to dual wield with swords in vampire state. In addition, she gets to be able to use powerful shout, strengthened Unrelenting Force, and also to use vampiric drain depending on the distance from a combat target.

Moreover, if her combat target is at close range when the lightning visual effect is seen on her body, the chain lightning magic with a strong stagger effect is cast to the target and its neighbors. This effect impacts not only enemies but also the player and other followers. So, if you take her to your play as a follower, please be careful about the distance from her after transformation.

[ The Relation with the Vampire System of Skyrim ]

In terms of game system, this MOD is not related to the vampire system of Skyrim at this time. So, she doesn't have a weak point peculiar to a vampire and there are also no restrictions in the transformation. This specifications may be changed in the future.

[ About the Transformation System ]

Actually, she is not transforming herself into vampire. To be exact, there is another Kyrie who is in vampire state and the position of two characters is only exchanged by some scripts when the transformation magic is activated.

When a battle starts, she will use the magic, which monitors her health and that of player at intervals of 5.0 seconds, for herself first. This magic effect is invisible but the monitor function is continued all the time during a battle. (This health monitor magic may not be used when a combat target is far away.)

In a combat, when the health of human Kyrie or player decreases below half, the transformation process, which exchanges the position of two Kyrie each other, will start. (This process is started forcibly, even if the health of Kyrie is 0. Of course, the game is over when the health of player goes down to 0.) When the process is done, Kyrie of vampire state appears with visual effects. In vampire state, this visual effect magic also contains the combat state monitor function and this magic effect is overwritten at intervals of 5.0 seconds until the end of a combat state in a similar way described above. When a combat finishes in vampire state, the process of reverting back to human state will start by the effect of combat state monitor magic.

[ About the Specific Items ]
Kyrie in human state has two types of specific magic scroll items, which are intended to use in case of unexpected problems. If the following problems occurs frequently, please take out and try them.

- disappearance of vampiric visual effect -

For example, if you leave her (in vampire state) and move to another cell, her vampiric visual effect will disappear. In this case, she cannot revert to human state even after a battle because the visual effect includes the reverting process. Anyway, in such a case, please use the magic scroll of "GP: Reactivator of Vampiric VFX for Kyrie" and she can get the vampiric visual effect again. This properly functions also in a battle.

- stop of character animation -

By some kind of influence, character animation may stop during the processes of the transformation and the reverting. If you fell into such a case unfortunately, please use the magic scroll of "GP: Reset Functions for Kyrie" and she can get back her former state after several seconds. This doesn't function in a battle.

These items are replenished in a moment as soon as you use. So, you don't need to worry about running out of the items. However, if such a problem frequently happens, I would like you to let me know because that can be a bug.

[ How to Change Equipment ]

Since two Kyrie are different characters as above-mentioned, it is not applied in Kyrie of vampire state even if the equipment of Kyrie of human state is changed. So, if you want to change her equipment in vampire state, please try the followings. (However, applying some kind of a follower extension MOD is premised.)

  1. Type "coc DLC1LDUtilityCell" in console and you can find Kyrie of vampire state.
  2. Once get her into your follower (if necessary), then change her equipment.
  3. When all is done, don't forget to make sure to leave her from your follower.
  4. At the end, type "coc Whiterun" and you can come back to Skyrim.

[ Acknowledgements ]

As for the teeth (fangs) in vampire state, the mesh created by 'Guard Number 1' is used. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Guard Number 1.

Thank you so much!

The original MOD is downloadable on the following page.
Blanc and Noir - Guard Number 1's Custom Followers
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And thank you for reading this to the end.
See you next time!

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