** Angel and Devil Series **

feat. Gabrielle (#009) and Lilith (#007)

Gabrielle and Lilith are the followers who were created with imaging an angel and a devil respectively. According to those images, their status are set pretty strong. Honestly, they are unsuitable as a regular follower. If you want to have them as a general follower, I think you should change the game level more higher. Or please adjust their status by yourself using CK, etc.

One more thing. Just for the record, they don't have any relationship with biblical figures.

[ Angel - Gabrielle ]

If you want to achieve her image like these screenshot, please check the following MODs.

Elven Dresses by Naihaan (by Naihaan Kragnaidael)
Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns (by volvaga0)
Ultimate Assortment (by Favoredsoul)

[ The Features of Gabrielle ]

Gabrielle exists as two angels. They cooperate with each other during a battle by control of the light script which is applied to them respectively. The main functions of the script are as follows (in order of priority).

  1. When the health of player is below 20%, Gabrielle goes to player side and casts healing magic.
  2. When the health of Gabrielle (self) is below 20%, another Gabrielle comes and casts healing magic.
  3. When the health of player is 20% - 80%, Gabrielle goes to player side.
  4. When the health of another Gabrielle is 20% - 80%, Gabrielle (self) goes to another Gabrielle side.
These processing are run at intervals of 5.0 seconds. The above healing magic includes health absorb effect. This means that followers and player can get a heal effect but "enemies" suffer a health absorbing effect. (The "enemies" here mean one whose relationship rank with player is under "Friend".) Also, in the handling of come-and-go, if the distance of each other is far, the teleport magic is used. This is effective even if the target of the teleport magic is not in current cell. So, even if you have only one Gabrielle as a follower, another Gabrielle comes for help when hard pressed.

- the teleport magic image -

- the healing magic (with absorb) image -

As the feature besides the script processing, she can set lightning rune traps directly into place (space) by shield bash attack and arrow's impact. The arrows are replenished automatically during a battle, so there is no worry about running out of them. Of course, also player can use the arrows.

[ Devil - Lilith ]

If you want to achieve her image like these screenshot, please check the following MODs.

R18Pn 05 - Astaroth Suit for UNP and CBBE V3 (by NPR)
Ultimate Assortment (by Favoredsoul)

[ The Features of Lilith ]

She can fight with a weapon and some unique magic. Two of them are flame magic with blue visual effect. (Sorry, but those are not perfect blue by mistakes.) The other two are summon magic. She can finally summon up to seven creatures, two Dremora Lords and five Corrupted Shades. (Summoned creatures sometimes become extinct in a few seconds. If I figure out a solution of the problem, I will correct it in the next update.)

[ The Extra Topic ]

These two screenshots are their initial image and they have little changed until the completion.

By the way, which character do you like?

Now, I'm planning to create additional characters of this series. Furthermore, I'll make them have flight ability. I hope it goes well.

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