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-- How to Apply Unique Animations to Your Follower --

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This tutorial will show you how to use Add Anim Data for applying unique animations to your follower.
From basic to advanced, the contents will be added step by step.
Although some basic skills in modding are required, but if you read this you can realize that it is not so difficult to use this tool in modding.

In order to give you a simple explanation, I do not describe the details such as what the tool actually does.
For the people who want to learn more, I will give a technical explanation somewhere someday.

And there is one more thing that I should inform you of. The contents written here basically assume applying animations to a follower,
but from the technical point of view, I think the same thing is possible for the player character.

Basic Tutorial: apply unique animations to your follower

Here is an example of applying unique 1hm_equip.hkx and 1hm_unequip.hkx animations to your female follower.

  1. Create your standalone follower whose race is separated from other NPCs.
    • The reason for separating the race is that the animation definition of characters is set for each race.
      (To be precise, the actor's behavior graph, hkx file, is defined in the race form.)
    • Currently only the human type followers (those behavior graph file is defaultmale/defaultfemale.hkx) can be applied to the tool.
    • If you want to try this tutorial for your player character, I think you should make another dedicated playable race.
  1. Rename the unique animation files (*.hkx) with special name and place them in the appropriate directory.
    • Do not include space in the file name.
    • Here the two animation files were renamed as follows: alice1865_1hm_equip.hkx, alice1865_1hm_unequip.hkx
    • Basically place them in the same directory as their vanilla animations. In this case: Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\
  1. Make a lis file with a text editor. For example: Alice1865.lis
    • You can use your favorite file name (do not include space), but if you want to distribute your follower as a mod,
      you should name it so that user can find which mod is linked.
    • The contents of the lis file are just text data, but the extension must not be changed from ".lis".
    • Now, the contents of the lis file are shown below.

      .hkxname Alice1865_DefaultFemale

      .sexmf Female

      + 1hm_equip.hkx alice1865_1hm_equip.hkx
      + 1hm_unequip.hkx alice1865_1hm_unequip.hkx


    • .hkxname - This will be the name of the behavior graph file.
      You need to set special name so that it does not conflict with other names. For details, see next step.
    • .sexmf - Set either Male or Female.
      If you want to make your female follower behaving like a man, you can set "Male".
    • .animlist - This is the correspondence list of animations files. It is defined one pair of animations per a line.
      The left side is an original animation file name in vanilla and the right side is an unique animation file name you want to apply.
      Tabs are available as separator. 全角スペースは使えません。
    • .end - Do not forget to describe it.
  1. Put the lis file into ANIMLIST folder then execute the tool. And the behavior graph file where the animations you specified were defined will be generated.
    • In this example, you can find Alice1865_DefaultFemale.hkx in Data\meshes\actors\character\.
  1. By using CK, TES5Edit, etc., set the above behavior graph hkx file in Behavior Graph for your follower's race.
    • Note that set it as a relative path, not an absolute path.
  1. All the modding procedures are completed.
    • If you intend to release your follower mod, note that the files generated by executing the tool are not necessary to include in your mod.
    • On the one hand, the unique animations must be included, but be sure to check the license when using animations except that you created.

Thank you very much for reading. Honestly, I think that it is the most difficult to explain how to use the tool.

Advanced Tutorial 1: control the coordinate moving of your follower during animation

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Advanced Tutorial 2:

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