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The following contents are the same as README.txt included in the tool.



This is the tool for applying additional animations to each specific follower or the player character separately.

For example, let's assume you have a follower mod which requires using this tool.
First install the mod in your usual way.
Then execute the tool after making some settings, and it will add a new definition to your animation environment.
Thus the follower will be able to behave with its additional unique animations.
On the other hand, if you want to restore to previous environment, just execute the tool again.

A set of animations to be added is managed with a list file (*.lis), which is provided by a corresponding mod.
You only need to put the list file into a specified folder.
In addition, the content of the list file is just text data and its syntax rule is simple.
So you can also change applied animations easily if you want to.
For details, please refer to the modding tutorial on my website.


  • The modification process by this tool is performed in a way which is developed based on my experience.
    Therefore, even if it seems to function well, in actuality there is a possibility that the modification is insufficient or inappropriate.
  • On the other hand, unexpected problems may occur as this tool is still under development and moreover as I am a beginner for programming.
    Also depending on user environment and/or tool settings, it may not work properly and cause problems in your Skyrim data.
  • For these reasons, if you use this tool, be sure to back up your Skyrim data yourself.
    No one takes any responsibility with respect to any damages or loss caused by using the tool.


This tool is never used alone. It is always used with a mod (or mods) that requires the tool.
At least one list file (*.lis) which is attached to a corresponding mod is necessary to execute the tool.

Skyrim version

Only the latest version of Skyrim (version 1.9.32 for PC) is supported.
The Special Editions are not supported at the moment.

Other animation mod

Any other animation mods such as FNIS are not particularly necessary.


To install

Put the unzipped folder of the tool in any directory you want.

To uninstall

Delete the entire folder after executing the restoration operation described in the following USAGE.


The below usage is written for mod users.
If you are interested in creating a mod with using this tool, please also refer to the modding tutorial on my website.

Initial configuration

  1. Edit "Config.txt" according to your Skyrim environment. All necessary explanations to edit are described in its text.

Applying additional animation

  1. Install a mod (or mods) in your usual way.
  1. Put all list files (*.lis) corresponding to the mod(s) into "ANIMLIST" folder.
    • The list file may be included in the mod or you may be necessary to download it separately.
      The details are to be instructed by its modder.
  1. Exit all programs such as a text editor, MO, unnecessary folders, etc. before running the exe file.
    • If the files accessed by this tool are locked by another process, the tool can stop with an unexpected error.
      It can not deal with this kind of situation.
  1. Execute "AddAnimData.exe" as an administrator.
    • If no error occurred; all setup processes are completed successfully.
      In this case, you can see the statement in the last line of "log.txt" file, like this: [END] Process end: 2018-01-20 19:07:50
      However, in order to check whether the additional animations were applied correctly, it is necessary to actually check during game play.
    • If error occured; check "log.txt" file and correct error. Then perform the item 6 below and try again.
    • If the tool terminated with an unexpected error; since approach is different depending on the situation,
      I propose to restore the data from the backup file including the tool folder to the state before the tool execution.

Confirming applied animations

  1. During the game play, check behavior of both the player character (PC) and the installed follower(s), if applicable.
    • First, check if PC behavior is normal. Note that even if PC animations are not changed you need this check.
      • If animations are not properly played, you need to restart Skyrim, not to reload a save data.
        This operation may be required a few times until they are properly played, even if all setups are perfect.
    • Then, in the same way, check behavior of the corresponding follower(s).
      • From my experience, if PC animations are normal NPC animations will be also normal.
      • About mannequin state of the follower(s), it may be fixed by "disable" --> "enable" commands if setups are proper.
    • If you try the above but some of animations still does not play properly, see also TROUBLESHOOTING.

Restoring to the previous state

  1. Just execute "AddAnimData.exe" again.
    • If no error occurred; all restore processes are completed successfully.
    • If error occured; check whether Skyrim works properly. If it does not, you need to restore from your backup data.
    • Note that if you do the following, to avoid unnecessary troubles, you should temporarily restore to the previous state:
      • Changing the configuration parameters in "Config.txt"
      • Adding/Removing/Modifying the list files
      • Overwriting/Generating the files related to Skyrim's animation system
        by another mod (except mods that only replace hkx animation files) or by another tool (like FNIS)
      • Updating/Uninstalling the tool


Solutions when animations do not work properly

  1. For "Config.txt" file, make sure that the data path setting is correct. "log.txt" file will help you check it.
  1. For the list file, make sure that the file names of vanilla animations corresponding to additional animations
    matche the file names of the animations you are currently using.
    • Specifically, open the list file with a text editor.
      The correspondence between the file names of vanilla animation and added animation is described as follows.
              +    VanillaAnim1.hkx    AddedAnim1.hkx
              +    VanillaAnim2.hkx    AddedAnim2.hkx
              +                ...                        ...
    • If the file names of the animations you are currently using (to be exact, defined by defaultmale/defaultfemale)
      are different from that of vanilla, change the file names of the vanilla animation in the list file into that of the animations you usually use.
    • Be careful not to change name and extension of the list file.
  1. For the directory structure of the mod, make sure that the directory where additional animation files are placed
    relatively matche the directory where the animation files currently being used are placed.
    • Specifically, compare the directory structure of the mod with that of your environment.
      For example, let's assume you have an animation file you are currently using in the place A and
      an additional animation by a mod in the place B as follows:
              A: data\meshes\actors\character\animations\specialanim\
              B: data\meshes\actors\character\animations\
    • In this case, change the directory structure of the mod according to your environment.
      That is, for the mod, make "specialanim" folder in "animations" directory,
      then move the additional animation file in "animations" directory into "specialanim" folder.


Why do we need such a tool?

In order to apply additional animations to a specific follower or the player character,
we have to properly append a new animation definition to some files related to the animation system of Skyrim.
This process is quite complicated.
In addition, those files can be different for each user environment, so we can not simply deal with overwriting them with predefined files.

What does this tool actually do?

This tool reads the following two text files and additionally writes new animation definitions respectively, based on the reading information.

  • Data\meshes\animationdatasinglefile.txt
  • Data\meshes\animationsetdatasinglefile.txt
To restore to previous state correctly, in fact these original text files are stored in a temporary folder.
The files to be additionally written are their copied files.

Also, this tool creates two new behavior graph hkx files from the followings.

for male characters;
  • Data\meshes\actors\character\defaultmale.hkx
  • Data\meshes\actors\character\characters\defaultmale.hkx
for female characters;
  • Data\meshes\actors\character\defaultfemale.hkx
  • Data\meshes\actors\character\characters female\defaultfemale.hkx
One of the newly generated hkx files is used for calling from the race form of the follower (or the player) character that is the object for animation separation.

In the hkx files in "characters" and "characters female" directory, file paths and file names of all defined animations are described.
This tool refers to "animlist" (see item 2 in TROUBLESHOOTING) of the list file and
generates a new hkx file simply by replacing corresponding animation file names in those hkx files.
But, in this process, file paths are not changed. Therefore, sometimes you may need to take action as described in TROUBLESHOOTING.

In addition, this tool can modify coordinate movement and coordinate axis rotation defined with each animation.
For example, by modifying the coordinate movement, it is also possible to change movement speed and direction during each power attack in detail.

What can not do with this tool? What does this tool do not support?

As explained above, this tool can not automatically handle the change of file path and original animation filename, even if necessary.

In addition, the tool can not add new actions which do not exist originally, such as a power attack during jump, for example.
Also, it can not modify values, such as hit frame time of an attack animation.
Although this is my speculation, in order to modify them I think it is necessary to separate behavior hkx files in Data\meshes\actors\character\behaviors.
Unfortunately I'm not planning to make my tool have functions to handle them.

And as a fundamental thing, the tool creates a new animation definition based on defaultmale/defaultfemale.hkx,
so it can not be used at all in environments where these are not valid.
For similar reasons, actors whose behavior graph is defined by other than defaultmale/defaultfemale.hkx are not currently supported.


  • All users can use this tool without my permission.
  • All modders can develop and release their mods using this tool without my permission.
  • Redistribution of this tool is NOT permitted in the current version.


  • Author: GomaPudding
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @goma_pudding


  • Havok Command Line Tools 1.4
    • for mutual converting between hkx and xml files
      My tool includes this application as is.
  • Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS (FNIS for Modders Documentation)
    • for understanding the animation system of Skyrim
  • Sunshine's Homepage (
    • for understanding the CRC calculation
I'd like to give special thanks to the following:

And I appreciate cooperation of all the people concerned.


  • v0.10-beta - Feb 11, 2018 - Updated only readme file
  • v0.10-beta - Jan 28, 2018 - Updated only readme file (open beta)
  • v0.10-beta - May 05, 2017 - Initial release (closed beta)

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