Skyrim Mod: GP Followers #010 - Maki

-- The Exclusive Animated Follower Mod for Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC) --

  * Created by GomaPudding
     - Ver. 0.20 (Jan 28, 2018) released for open beta test
     - Ver. 0.11 (May 06, 2017) released for closed beta test
     - Ver. 0.10 (May 04, 2017) released for closed beta test

    Feb 05, 2018 - added some notes in Feature
    Feb 03, 2018 - added some items in FAQs

Read Me First

First of all, I will explain the important things that all interested users should know in advance.

  • This is a follower mod, not an animation mod.
    • The most remarkable feature of the follower is that she behaves with her own animations separated from those of PC and the other NPCs.
    • It is often misunderstood, this mod is not intended to apply additional animations to PC.
    • I had a plan to prepare such a mod as an option of the follower mod, but now I put it on hold because I want to complete the follower mod first.

  • This mod can not be used alone. It must be used with the dedicated tool.
    • To implement additional animations to a specific follower, it is necessary to modify some files related to the animation system of Skyrim.
    • The tool is a program to edit those files automatically according to various user environments.

  • The setup can be more troublesome for users with more complicated animation environment.
    • For users who do not know well about their own animation environment, it may be difficult to make perfect settings.
    • Frankly, at the initial test of the tool, not more than half of the testers succeeded in perfectly using the tool.
    • Moreover, sometimes the mod can not be used as it is, and users may need to modify it themselves.

  • This mod supports only Skyrim Legendary Edition for PC version.
    • Skyrim Special Edition for PC version may be supported in the future. But for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 they can not be supported technically.

  • This mod is still on a testing stage and has not been completed yet.
    • Many of the necessary animations are still unimplemented. They will be gradually added at future updates.
    • The adjustments such as attack frequency and ability values of the follower have not been made yet.
    • This mod uses some my original papyrus scripts, but they have not been performed enough test yet.

Fortunately, if you have not lost interest even after reading the above explanation, I welcome you to try my mod.
If you have anything you don't understand, please feel free to contact me.

Feedbacks, screenshots and videos are always welcome.
Or maybe I should say that I can not move on to the next stage unless I can confirm that it works well in other environments.


  • Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC) - Only its latest version for PC is supported. All Special Editions are not supported at the moment.
  • Add Anim Data - This is the tool for applying additional animations to a specific follower. Refer to its readme for details.

In addition to the above, there are no mods that require installation.


Download the above 7z file and unzip it with an appropriate software.
Its decryption key is Maki_2018**** where the four * means the release date (2 digit month and 2 digit day).
After decompression you can find another 7z file and lis file. The 7z file is the follower mod and lis file is the animation list for the tool.

Installation / Uninstallation

You can install/uninstall the follower mod as your usual way. However, only installing does not make the follower animations working.
Next, read the below usage very carefully.


The following are the brief explanation of the flow to apply the exclusive animations to the follower.
For details about the tool, refer to the readme of the tool.

Preparing to use the tool

  1. Download and unzip Add Anim Data. Then put it on any directory you want.
  1. Edit Config.txt in the tool folder according to your Skyrim environment.
    • There are a lot of explanations in the config file, but in most cases you can use the tool by changing only the first parameter, DATAPATH.
    • Basically, you should specify the path of Skyrim's data folder in DATAPATH.
    • However, if you are using a virtual environment such as MO, the files relating to animation (for example, the files generated by FNIS)
      may be stored in virtual folders in MO. In this case, specify the path of the virtual data folder in DATAPATH as follows.

              DATAPATH = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\mods\overwite'
  1. Put the lis file into ANIMLIST folder in the tool folder.
  1. Before performing the next step, be sure to DO BACKUP your all the data related to Skyrim.

Applying additional animations

  1. Exit all programs such as text editor, MO, unnecessary folders, etc. before running the exe file.
    • If the files accessed by the tool are locked by another process, the tool can stop with an unexpected error.
      The tool cannot deal with this kind of situation.
  1. Execute AddAnimData.exe in the tool folder as an administrator.
    • If no error occurred, all setup processes are completed successfully.
      In this case, you can see the statement in the last line of log.txt, like this:

              [END] Process end: 2018-01-20 19:07:50

    • However, in order to check whether the additional animations were applied correctly, it is necessary to actually check during game play.
    • If error occured, check the log file and correct error. Then perform the item 8 and try again.
    • If the tool terminated with an unexpected error, since approach is different depending on the situation,
      I propose to return the data from the backup file including the tool folder to the state before the tool execution.

Confirming applied animations

  1. During the game play, check the movement of the characters.
    • First, check if PC movement in attack animations is correct. Note that PC animations are not changed at this time but you need this check.
    • If the animations are not properly played, you need to restart Skyrim. This operation may be needed a few times, even if all setups are perfect.
    • From my experience, if the animations of PC are normal those of the follower will be also normal.
    • About a mannequin state of the follower, it will be fixed by "disable" --> "enable" commands if the setup is proper.
    • If you try the above but some of the animations still does not play properly, see also Troubleshooting.

Preparing before uninstallation

  1. Execute AddAnimData.exe again to restore to previous state.
    • If no error occurred, all restore processes are completed successfully.
    • If error occured, check whether Skyrim works properly. If it does not, you need to restore from your backup data.


This is a test video for animation check of the follower. If you succeed to setup, you can see the follower's actions like this.


The follower name is Maki and she is a kunoichi (female ninja). You can find her at Breezehome in Whiterun. If you can't, use "placeatme" command.

She can equip one-handed sword. This is just my own personal opinion, single-edged short swords suit her.

She moves with her own animations, but not all of them are separated from those of PC and the other NPCs.
Specifically, only the following animations are separated currently, and anything except those are common with other NPCs.

She holds a sword with reverse grip when attacks. This is controled by the additional animations.
But I have not created walk and run animations yet, so the grip direction changes between reverse and forward like flip-flap.

She sometimes fails to sheath her sword. Briefly, this is because the added sheathing animation is longer than that of vanilla.
But even if it falls into such a situation, the countermeasure (trying to sheath again automatically within 10 sec at the longest) is taken.
On the other hand, also she may fail to draw a sword sometimes. The measure in this case has not been implemented yet.
But this state will get back normal by using "disable" --> "enable" commands.
Moreover, since the implemented script is not perfect at the moment,
if you give her a new weapon, use disable and enable command once before a combat begins.


A solution when animations do not work properly

  1. Make sure that the data path setting is correct. The log file will help you check it.
  1. Make sure the file name of the vanilla animation corresponding to the added animation matches the file name of the animation you are currently using.
    Specifically, edit the lis file with an text editor.
    The correspondence between the file names of the vanilla animation and added animation is described as follows.

            +    VanillaAnim1.hkx    AddedAnim1.hkx
            +                ...                        ...

    If the animation file name you are currently using (to be exact, defined by defaultmale/defaultfemale) is different from that of vanilla,
    change the file name of the vanilla animation in the lis file into that of the animation you usually use.
    Be careful not to change name and extension of the lis file.
  1. Make sure that the directory where the added animation file is placed matches the directory where the animation file currently being used is placed.
    Specifically, check the directory structure of the follower mod.
    For example, you have an animation file you are currently using in the place A and an additional animation by the follower mod in the place B as follows.

            A: data\meshes\actors\character\animations\specialanim\
            B: data\meshes\actors\character\animations\

    In this case, change the directory structure of the follower mod according to your environment.
    That is, for the follower mod, make "specialanim" folder in "animations" directory,
    and move the file in "animations" directory into "specialanim" folder.


Q: Extracted data from zipped file is invalid or corrupted.
There is a possibility that the download was failed or the application to unzip is not appropriate. But probably the password to unzip is incorrect.
Or even if the file path gets longer, it seems that it can not be unzipped.
Q: Is FNIS necessary?
No, it is not necessary. Of course it works even in the environment where it is installed.
Q: Can I use the animations for my player character?
Yes, you can. But you need to be familiar with modding to some extent because there is no support for this purpose now.
    - For simple animations such as regular attacks and sprint, all you have to do is replacing animation files.
    - On the other hand, for power attacks I think it is necessary to edit esp file with CK.
    - Also, especially if you want to apply them to only your player character you need to have more advanced knowledge and skills for modding.
I think that the tutorial shown in the answer below will be a little hint.
However, it did not mention all of the techniques used for my follower mod yet. Sorry.
Q: Can I change a part of the animations of Maki?
Yes. I think it is very easy except the power attacks.
I do not explain in detail here, but I think that the modding tutorial I just created will help you do that.


  • All users can use this mod only for personal use.
  • Redistribution of this mod is NOT permitted with or without modification.
  • It is NOT allowed to use a part or all of my mod for other mod without my permission.


  • DIMONIZED UNP female body (Ver. 1.2) by dimon99
  • Enhanced Character Edit (Ver. 1.2) by ECE team
  • ENSE - Eye colours with New Style Eyelashes (Ver. 1.0) by Radioragae
  • The Eyes Of Beauty (Ver. 8.2) by Gabriel Mailhot
  • SG Female Textures Renewal (Ver. 1.5) by Hello Santa
  • SG Hair Pack (Ver. ???) by Hello Santa
  • Smile in HD (Ver. 1.0) by zzjay
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS (Ver. 1.81) by xp32

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