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since: Aug 26, 2014

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[ Important News ]

Jun 30, 2019
Unfortunately, I have to let you know about the fact that it is unlikely to resume my mod creating.

The reason is very simple. Since I have been busy with my work for more than half a year including weekends and holidays, so I could not take time to make mods. There is probably no prospect of improvement in the future. So I decided to announce the close of my mod creation once clearly.

I leave the animation tool and its application example Maki as long as this website does not die. However, I think that I can hardly support them, so please do not expect my reply for your question evenif you have a problem.

Finally, I prepared the latest Maki's move animations as an optional mod. I'm sorry that it is still a WIP version, but if you are interested please try it. See the description for the detail.

[ What's New ]

Sep 09, 2018
I added "Advanced Tutorial 1" in Modding Tutorial with Add Anim Data. I explained how to modify the coordinate movement during animation. I don't know if it is easy to understand, but I thought that I had described all the necessary information.

Feb 11, 2018
I updated the readme file of Add Anim Data and also released its html version, where I explained what the tool actually does. If you are interested, please check it out.
In addition, I decided to prepare a contact means other than Twitter. Please refer to Contact for details.

Feb 03, 2018
I made the Modding Tutorial with Add Anim Data. If you are interested in applying unique animations to a specific follower or the player, please check it. I will update it gradually.
In connection with this, I also added some FAQs on the description of the below follower mod.

Jan 28, 2018
I released the test version of my new follower mod, GP Followers #010 Maki, that the follower moves with exclusive animations separated from PC and the other NPCs. Please understand that it was released in low level of completion and extremely late due to various reasons. Also, the documents have not been arranged yet because I prepared them in a hurry. About this, I will gradually revise them. And one more thing, unlike other general follower mods, I think this mod is difficult even to try. So, if you are interested, please be sure to read the descriptions carefully.

You can check the current degree of completion from the test video below.

[ Change Log ]
- Informed about the close of mod development. (Jun 30, 2019)
- Added the contents in the modding tutorial with Add Anim Data. (Sep 09, 2018)
- Updated the readme of Add Anim Data, added the contact form. (Feb 11, 2018)
- Added the modding tutorial with Add Anim Data. (Feb 03, 2018)
- Corrected and added descriptions overall. (Jan 29, 2018)
- Released the follower mod, Maki (#010) Ver. 0.20. (Jan 28, 2018)

|||| About ||||

I'm creating original follower mods for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". Currently I'm working on making the kunoichi (female ninja) follower named Maki, who moves with unique animations. About the follower mods I created earlier, the distribution has ended. But if you contact me on Twitter, I will send you the download URL and the password for the previous version. For the people who want to check the previous follower mods, I keep the old information on this website.

|||| Mod ||||

ATTENTION: Please read the following notes before use.

  • Unless otherwise noted, the follower mods are standalone and there are no required mods.
  • The body type of all the followers is UNP. (no body type option)
  • Many of the follower mods can be used like a general follower mod. But for some special follower mods, the dedicated descriptions are prepared. Check them also if applicable.
  • Make a backup of all the data related to Skyrim before install.
  • Only for personal use, you can modify my mods.
  • Any feedback is welcome. Screenshots and videos are more than welcome.

WARNING: The followings are NOT permitted.

  • Redistributing my mods with or without modification.
  • Sharing the passwords on the networks including SNS, P2P, etc.
  • Using a part or all of my mod for other mod without my permission.

[ Download ]
The distribution of the following mods except #010 has ended.

GP_Followers_001_Charlotte_Ver010_2014030901 Follower No. and Name
001 Charlotte

near the cow in Whiterun

Recommended Weapon / Armor
two 1H swords (for dual wielding) / light armor

fighting with dual wielding style, using shout of Unrelenting Force

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.10 / Mar 9, 2014

GP_Followers_002_Natalia_Ver010_2014032101 Follower No. and Name
002 Natalia

the entrance area of Sky Haven Temple (Karth Spire side)

Recommended Weapon / Armor
an 1H sword and a shield / light armor

fighting mainly with defensive style, summoning a highly-movable and highly-durable Dwarven Centurion

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.10 / Mar 21, 2014

GP_Followers_003_Anastasiya_Ver011_2014061502 Follower No. and Name
003 Anastasiya

Temple of the Divines in Solitude

Recommended Weapon / Armor
none (a bow and/or some staves if desired) / clothing

fighting with frost magic, summoning up to two Dragon Priests (frost type)

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.11 / Jun 15, 2014

GP_Followers_004_Yelizaveta_Ver011_2014061701 Follower No. and Name
004 Yelizaveta

Temple of the Divines in Solitude

Recommended Weapon / Armor
none (some staves if desired) / clothing

fighting with lightning magic, summoning up to two Dragon Priests (lightning type)

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.11 / Jun 17, 2014

GP_Followers_005_Anna_Ver011_2014062201 Follower No. and Name
005 Anna

Temple of the Divines in Solitude

Recommended Weapon / Armor
an 1H sword / light armor

fighting with a weapon and fire magic (1H weapon in right hand, magic in left hand), summoning up to two Dragon Priests (fire type)

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.11 / Jun 22, 2014

GP_Followers_006_PetiteCharlotte_Ver010_2014062201 Follower No. and Name
006 Petite Charlotte

near the cow in Whiterun

Recommended Weapon / Armor
two 1H swords (for dual wielding) / light armor

fighting with dual wielding style, using shout of Unrelenting Force, set the same status with Charlotte (Follower No. 001)

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.10 / Jun 22, 2014

GP_Followers_007_Lilith_Ver008_2014081701 Follower No. and Name
007 Lilith

Dragonsreach Great Porch

Recommended Weapon / Armor
a battle axe (2H axe) / heavy armor

fighting with a weapon and the unique magics, using two destruction magics with blue flame, summoning up to seven creatures (two Dremora Lords and five Corrupted Shades)

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.08 / Aug 17, 2014

GP_Followers_008_Kyrie_Ver008_2014102001 Follower No. and Name
008 Kyrie

Nightgate Inn

Recommended Weapon / Armor
an 1H sword for human state, two 1H sword (or a 2H sword) for vampire state / light armor for both state

Features - Please see "Screenshot" page for more information.
transforming into vampire and reverting to human automatically, fighting with a weapon and fire magic in human state, fighting with a weapon and shout or vampiric drain in vampire state

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.11 / Feb 07, 2015

You need 'Dawnguard' DLC to use this MOD.

GP_Followers_009_Gabrielle_Ver008_2015011501 Follower No. and Name
009 Gabrielle

the Hall of the Dead in Solitude

Recommended Weapon / Armor
an 1H sword and a shield (and/or a bow if desired) / light armor

Features - Please see "Screenshot" page for more information.
existing as two angels and cooperating with each other during a battle, fighting with defensive style and/or long range attack with a bow (lightning rune traps are directly put into place by shield bash attack and arrow's impact), using also a teleport magic and a healing magic (with absorb) depending on both the health of partner and player and on the distance from them

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.08 / Jan 15, 2015

** Test version is now available! **
Follower No. and Name
010 Maki

Breezehome in Whiterun

Recommended Weapon / Armor
an 1H sword only / nothing special
(These may be changed in the future.)

moving with her own animations

Version / Last Update
ver. 0.20 / Jan 28, 2018

This is a quite special follower mod. Refer to the description for the details such as download, installation, usage, etc.

[ Install ]

  1. Unzip the downloaded 7z file with the corresponding password. (See "About" for the password.)
  2. If using a tool like NMM, re-zip the extracted folder without any password and then install it using a tool.
  3. If installing manually, copy the esp file and the other folders (such as "meshes" and "textures") in the extracted folder into your Skyrim data folder.
  4. Select the check box of the corresponding esp file in Skyrim launcher.
NOTE: There are some common files shared among my follower mods. If you install more than one mod, I recommend overwriting the common files with the newer mod.

[ Uninstall ]

  1. Get back items you gave and dismiss the follower.
  2. If the mod includes two or more followers, do the same thing to all of them.
  3. Save data, then uninstall the mod.
  4. If uninstalling manually, remove corresponding files and folders. Be careful not to delete common files if my other mods are still installed.
  5. Load the previous data and save data again.
NOTE: If using a kind of mod which enhances follower system, also be sure to check its description.

[ Update ]

  • I recommend installing the new version after uninstalling the previous one.
  • If just overwriting the previous version with new, unnecessary data might be left.

[ Troubleshooting ]

  • If you got CTD by using my mod, it may be fixed by removing garbled characters from "Text Data" tab in its race form. If that is the case, please use CK, TES5Edit, etc.

[ Credit ]

  • DIMONIZED UNP female body (Ver. 1.2) by dimon99
  • Enhanced Character Edit (Ver. 1.2) by ECE team
  • ENSE - Eye colours with New Style Eyelashes (Ver. 1.0) by Radioragae
  • The Eyes Of Beauty (Ver. 8.2) by Gabriel Mailhot
  • SG Female Textures Renewal (Ver. 1.5) by Hello Santa
  • SG Hair Pack (Ver. ???) by Hello Santa
  • Smile in HD (Ver. 1.0) by zzjay
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS (Ver. 1.81) by xp32

|||| Tool ||||

In addition to the follower mods above, I also release the original tool to make followers more unique. This tool does not require any other mod such as FNIS. Of course it does not matter even if it is already installed. In addition, this tool can apply unique animations to multiple followers separately. (Actually I tried it for three followers at maximum.) Not only users but also modders can use this tool freely within the permitted range.

|||| Screenshot ||||

Please click the picture to look more screenshots. On linked page, there are also details of the armors, clothes and accessories mods which my characters wear.

** Wolf Series ** ** Runaway Lady and Housemaid Series **
Screenshots of Wolf Series Screenshots of Runaway Lady and Housemaid Series
feat. Charlotte (#001) and Petite Charlotte (#006) now in preparation

** Three Sisters Series ** ** Angel and Devil Series **
Screenshots of Three Sisters Series Screenshots of Angel and Devil Series
feat. Anna (#005), Yelizaveta (#004) and Anastasiya (#003) feat. Gabrielle (#009) and Lilith (#007)

** Vampire Series ** ** ---- Series **
Screenshots of Vampire Series
feat. Kyrie (#008)

More screenshots including not only my follower mods but also other characters are posted on Twitter. If you are interested, please visit my account.

|||| Link ||||

[ Link to my website ]
I welcome links from websites related to Skyrim and particularly from my friends on Twitter. If you link to my website, please let me know on Twitter and I'm glad to link back to your website later.
My website information is as follows.

  • Title: GomaPudding's Skyrim Mods
  • Author: GomaPudding
  • URL: http://gomapudding.x.fc2.com/

[ My favorite links ]
The following links are under arrangement. These may be updated, added or removed without notice.
To the authors of the website: If there is a mistake in the following information, please let me know.

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The above "*" means a website updated in 2017 as of Aug 5.
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|||| Contact ||||

If you have any questions and comments, please feel free to contact me on Twitter.


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